Friday, February 24, 2012

Don't Push The River

"Don't Push the River"
Author: Barry Stevens
Publisher: Real People Press
Copyright: 1970

For Friday fun, I'm posting a book I gave up on.  This was a very popular book in the early 1970's because Barry Stevens opened up (pun intended) a new way of thinking to the people of her times.  She promoted the Gestalt Theory of being self-aware, in the moment, and thus, free. Doesn't she look like a fun person?  That said, I only made it to page 38 out of a total of 268.  I will try to re-read, figuring maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind.

In our pragmatic and polarized world it seemed funny to read, "When I noticed my body, yesterday and let 'it' do whatever it wanted to, let 'it' take over (against all the prohibitions in my society), in the submission of 'myself' (phony self) to 'it,' I became me.  This morning, I am split again. . ."

Right now, I give it 5 steps to the attic because I'll bet she was a great person and was at a higher level of thinking than I am.  I'll try again.

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